EM NARI & RecyclingWorks of Massachusetts


The RecyclingWorks program of Massachusetts presented at the pre-dinner seminar for EM NARI’s meeting in October. RecyclingWorks is “a recycling assistance program designed to help businesses and institutions maximize recycling, reuse, and composting opportunities.” They presented many of the options available in the state, and they made sure to inform the attendees that their mandate is focused around collaboration with the building and remodeling community on how to most effectively achieve recycling. They are helping to form this collaboration through community outreach seminars like this one with EM NARI.

Boston Building Resources was one attendee and is an important collaborator with Recycling Works. BBR is a nonprofit charitable center that reuses and sells donated materials, one of the options remodelers have when deciding where materials pulled out of renovations might go.

The presenters also pointed out that most waste facilities in Massachusetts recycle dumpster waste as it is processed at the station, and most metal, cardboard, and other recyclable material is pulled out of the waste stream before it enters a landfill. Statistics on how well the facility your company uses for disposal should be available from the administrative side of that facility. For further questions, please don’t hesitate to call their hotline, or visit their website: (888) 254-5525,