A Historic Home Remodel – Full Renovation in Providence, RI


The purpose of this project was to renovate and reconfigure a 1920’s nine-bedroom home, making changes tailored to the new owner’s family and needs. Our clients could see the potential in this spacious home and purchased it intending to renovate and upgrade prior to moving in. Although the kitchen had been modernized, it was small. The rest of the home echoed its once elegant stature, but it felt dated, neglected, and designed for a different time.

Working closely with the clients, we developed a design and scope of work that would expand the kitchen, update all of the 4.5 vintage bathrooms, completely transform the layout of the master suite, and eliminate 2 bedrooms on the third floor, which had been left untouched since its original days functioning as servants’ quarters, and reimagine it as a game and multimedia space. Finally, while the façade of the home was nice, it failed to effectively communicate the same message as the interior of the home. The new owners were looking for a more stately daily greeting.

We approached the project as a historic renovation – striving to enhance and modernize the home while paying homage to its rich history.

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