Build well and build beautiful. That is what drives us. Since 2006, Red House has been creating heirloom quality living spaces for our clients. By combining an old-world ethos of craft and mastery with 21st-century principles of sustainability and livability, Red House produces spaces that are the highest level of quality, beauty and modern efficiency.

Stunning detail, top-level professionalism, and through-and-through quality are the hallmarks of Red House. Red House brings the same attention to detail, quality standards, and craftsmanship to each project, whether it’s a full-house renovation, custom kitchen or bath, unique built-ins or we are improving the exterior of your existing home. We understand that homes are meant to last a lifetime and beyond. Our commitment to design and implementation goes deeper than the visible surface of your home and extends the quality and the amount of time you and your family will spend there.

Explore Red House and discover the possibilities that exist for you and your home.

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